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Before going to Chrome, make sure you have Python 2.7 downloaded & installed : Python 2.7
The following instructions are if you are using Windows and Chrome or Opera:

Things to note:
- If you try to open a new page and nothing loads, close the console box and repeat steps 9 to 11
- If you want to disable the client, go to step 4 and uncheck the box for "Use automatic configuration script"
- The command code for commands is @ and any message you send starting with @ will not be sent to anybody, only you will see it.

Important notice before you do anything:
- You absolutely need Notepad++ to edit the Client comfortably.
- You absolutely need to know how indentation in Python works. This is 99% of the time the most common issue people come to me with. Learn to indent properly.
- Notepad++ sucks with indents & Python; Solution: Settings > Preferences > Languages > Python | Tab Size : 4 | Replace by space (Example)

Other important notices:
- Follow-up to a small poll I held a few months back, client users can now join a discord server for instant client help.
- You understand that you are using a Developper oriented version of the Client.
- You understand that anything you edit in, any other file or do with the Client is completely under your responsibility as far as is concerned and so is the error resolution.
- Having issues with the error resolution? Don't forget to print expected outputs; Use exceptions; Double-check indents; Run in IDLE for debugging.
- Having issues with the error resolution? Take a look at these common mistakes and try to avoid em.
- Having issues with the error resolution? Don't forget the most important tool at your disposal:
- If you are inexperienced with Python programming feel free to take a look at the documentation or sign up for codecademy classes.
- Last tip; Examine Twin's Client source for ideas on how to code a client in relation to xat.


User Commands Alias Description
Users * - Returns the total number of users online.
Youtube Yt Returns 3 youtube links from your query.
Broadcast - Broadcasts a youtube link.
Slo - Runs PGO slots x3
Lureup - Buys & Activates a lure for you.
Allow/Disallow - Adds or removes a user in your list of allowed.
Pgo - Activates PGO Botting.
Pgolure - Automatically lures a chat when there are no lures.

* : Other users are able to use this command